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ADL provides specialized technical support for on-premises and/or cloud systems.


Tailored services to fit customer needs for supporting their growing.


We take advantage of the most successful and probed technologies and use them to benefit our customers.


Asesorías ADL Ltda. started up in 1990, within the objective to offer specialized services within the informatic network environment.

Since establishment, Asesorías ADL Ltda. holds a high position within the highly competitive market and has established solid alliances with other leading corporations on the development of information technology.

Such prestige has permitted ADL to become a solid provider of solutions to many important local public, private and international corporations. ADL has also recieved recognition from well known technological developers, those of which have granted ADL with Premier, Gold and Platinum partner categories.

Diligent expertise have also allowed ADL to meet demanding solution requirements from companies abroad.


ADL’s mission is to provide outstanding quality to its clients.

To do so, it is essential for ADL to become fully aware of a customer’s situation and then propose the best technical solutions within a cost – benefit frame. Such a solution enables the customer to broaden their resources, document contingency procedures (according to how critical the services might be), recieve suggestions on concrete actions to be made and how to go about organizing virtual seminars, amongst many other objectives.

To accomplish ADL’s mission, we work with certified professionals and strategic alliances with corporations locally and abroad.


ADL both represents and commercializes across Chile and neighbouring countries with the most advanced informatic products and technical solutions.

The following are some of the major technological solutions we use in our proposals:


ADL has always objectively maintained the development of projects, offered services dedicated to the implementation and provided network support and solutions.

Our organization has created its services based upon each segment of the market, that is, developed prompt strategies aimed at differentiating them from those of its competitors, and client satisfaction.

The following is a series of provided services:

Engineering & Projects

ADL’s Engineering and Projects Division is focused on developing and supporting its clients in the implementation of solutions to enable them to improve the growth of their organizations.

The following, among others, are:

On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid-based Solutions
Platform/System Auditing
Platform/System Security
High Availabity & Business Continuity
Storage & Backup Solutions
Messaging & Collaboration
Platform/System Updates/Upgrades
Support Contracts
Hardware & Software
Licensing Compliance
Specialized Technical Support

ADL offers Specialized Technical Support services to the computer infrastructure based on specific customer needs.


Cuevas 1209 – Santiago, Chile
Postal Code: 8360079
Phone Nr.: +562 2430-4300
General Manager (CEO): L. Marcelo Hantscheruk
Commercial Manager: José Antonio Baranda

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